Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme

Rock-a-bye baby…get lost in the lullaby. The dull, slow, sway, day-by-day, humdrum everybody’s gotta get sum, rat race life, soul-sucking, kicking ‘ya in the bum just when you thought you’d won. Hey, it is what it is, right? The dull, slow, sway, day-by-day lull til the cow jumps over the moon.

{Interlude} Zzzzz.

…COMPLACENCY.  A seductress with a homegrown brand of surety: false sense of security. She’ll convince you the blue skies are ever still…ever still, life passes you by as she steals the fruits of your labor, fermenting it under the pressure of lost time and forgotten dreams. Drink her wine of denial as she whispers empty schemes, and sweet nothings in ears, masking fears. Her ways are easy, calm and lucid like a sleepy town at sundown. Hypnotizing you with routine pleasures and a kiss liken to ignorance. It’s bliss filling your head with delusions of grandeur, as you unknowingly feed upon her stale bread. She is misery and you – her beguiled company. Lest you awaken.

Stay woke my friends.

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